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Upcoming Festival Dates

.The Tshechu (literally "Tenth Day") is a festival honoring Padmasambhava, "one who was born from the lotus flower ", otherwise known as "Guru Rinpoche", the precious teacher. This Indian saint contributed enormously to the diffusion of Tantric Buddhism in the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan etc. around 800 A.D. The dates and duration of the festival vary from one district to another, but they always take place on or around the 10th day of the month, according to the Bhutanese calendar. During this Tshechu, the dances are performed by monks as well as layman. The Tshechu is a religious festival and by attending it, it is believed that one gains merits. It is also a yearly social gathering where people come together to rejoice, dressed in all their finery. It is in this way that the festivals became a showcase for Bhutan's highly developed indigenous art of textile weaving. Festivals in Bhutan attract crowds of tourists, as well as local clergy and laymen, like bees to honey. The most popular of these vigorously celebrated social events take place in Thimphu, Paro, Wangduephodrang, Trongsa, Bumthang, Mongar and Trashigang. In order to make your stay in Bhutan the most interesting and memorable one, we suggest that you combine your choice of tour itinerary with one of these festivals. Please also keep in mind though, that most of the festivals fall in the peak season. You should therefore book your tour well in advance. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

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